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43 United States Grants for Teachers

43 Teachers Grants for United States.

Grants for public school teachers for the improvement of education, grants for classroom supplies, innovative teaching strategies and professional development teaching opportunities. Find classroom grants for school funding, grants to public school educators to enhance teaching, provide support for STEM professionals and for the pursuit of careers in teaching.

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Grants to USA Teachers, Scholars, and Researchers for Humanities Research Projects

Deadline 09/23/20

Grants of $6,000 to USA teachers, scholars, and researchers for scholarly research projects in the humanities disciplines. Applicants are advised that required registrations may take several weeks to complete. Applications are welcome from scholars in all humanities and related social sciences disciplines, and from indepen...

GrantWatch ID#: 151116

Grants to USA Faculty Members at Medical and Academic Institutions for Research on Disorders...

Deadline 05/29/20

Grants to USA faculty members at nonprofit medical, academic, or research institutions for research related to disorders and diseases affecting older adults. The purpose of the funding is to support research leading to improved therapies for persons suffering from age-related macular degeneration.

GrantWatch ID#: 189685

Grants to USA, Canada, and International High School Teachers and Counselors to Cover the Co...

Deadline 05/31/20

Grants of $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International teachers and counselors currently employed in public or private high schools to cover the costs associated with attending an educational conference. Funding may be used to cover registration, accommodations, and travel costs.

GrantWatch ID#: 164647

Awards to USA K-12 Teachers for Creative Literacy and Poetry Programs

Deadline 05/31/20

Awards of $10,000 to USA K-12 teachers to recognize innovative projects that advance literacy and encourage students to become lifelong readers. One award will be given to a teacher who fosters a love of poetry in students and one award will be given to a teacher who inspires students to read all genres of writing.

GrantWatch ID#: 174837

Grants to USA High School Chemistry Teachers to Enhance Chemistry Learning

Deadline 06/01/20

Grants of up to $1,500 to USA and territories high school chemistry teachers for projects that promote student development and enhance classroom education. Funding is typically intended for instructional materials, student-led science outreach activities, student-conducted field studies, professional development, and labor...

GrantWatch ID#: 142186

Grants to USA and Canada PreK-9 Teachers for New Classroom Pets or Current Pet Maintenance

Deadline 06/01/20

Grants of up to $125 and in-kind grants of pet store discounts to USA and Canada PreK-9 public and private school teachers to purchase classroom pets, or to help cover the costs of current pet maintenance. Funding is intended to provide children with the experience of bonding with and caring for their pets responsibly. ...

GrantWatch ID#: 160107

Grants to USA Teachers to Enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Learning

Deadline 06/01/20

Grants to USA sixth through twelfth-grade teachers at public and nonprofit private schools to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math learning. Funding is intended to increase student success-rates by introducing creative project-based learning ideas that will make STEM learning fun.

GrantWatch ID#: 169675

Grants to USA Educators to Lead High School Student Teams in a STEM Invention Challenge

Deadline 09/08/20 LOI Date: 06/04/20

Grants of up to $10,000 to USA and territories STEM educators affiliated with high schools and nonprofit educational organizations to lead high school student teams in a hands-on STEM challenge. Applicants must submit an initial application prior to submitting a final application.

GrantWatch ID#: 178991

Awards to USA K-12 Educators and Employees to Recognize Excellence and Leadership in Schools

Deadline 06/05/20

Awards of up to $10,000 to USA educators, administrators, and school staff members to recognize outstanding positive impact on the lives of students. Nominations are accepted for K-12 educators and employees in public, charter, and private schools. The purpose of the program is to honor teachers and staff that significantl...

GrantWatch ID#: 186015

Grants to USA Teachers and Educators to Enhance K-12 Meteorology Education

Deadline 06/09/20

Grants of up to $750 to USA teachers, groups, individuals, and program directors to enhance K-12 science and meterology learning. Funding is intended to enable K-12 teachers and educators to attend workshops, purchase equipment, and expand programs to improve education for their students, schools, and communities.

GrantWatch ID#: 169429

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Group for Contributions to History Education in Gra...

Deadline 06/15/20

Award to a USA, Canada, or International group to recognize outstanding contributions to K-12 history education. Nominations are invited on behalf of a group that has shown innovation and excellence in the field of history education. In the past, grants have been awarded to elementary, middle, and high schools across the U...

GrantWatch ID#: 180737

Grants to USA, Canada, and International High School Teachers to Improve the Academic Experi...

Deadline 06/15/20

Grants of $500 to USA, Canada, and International high school teachers to improve the academic experience for both educator and student. Funding is intended for materials, supplies, field trips, and other resources to enhance courses. Funding is intended to award educators who actively support the advancement of their profe...

GrantWatch ID#: 184564

Award to a USA Teacher in a Non-Urban Region to Honor Achievements in Education

Deadline 06/20/20

Award to a USA teacher in an eligible region to recognize contributions to the field of education. The award program honors an individual teacher with a monetary prize, as well as funding to be used for teaching supplies by the winner's school district. Eligible regions include rural geographical areas of the United States.

GrantWatch ID#: 156193

Awards to USA School and Community Based Educators for Outstanding Family Engagement Projects

Deadline 06/26/20

An award of $5,000 and an award of $20,000 to USA school and community-based family educators in recognition of outstanding efforts to engage families in the educational process. Funding is intended to support the implementation of the recipients' innovative ideas and to expand their programming.

GrantWatch ID#: 149872

Grant to a USA Grad Student or Faculty Member for Research Addressing Students Transitioning...

Deadline 07/01/20

Grant package including a $5,000 stipend and other benefits to a USA graduate student, staff member, or faculty member to support research related to college student transitions. The grant package includes travel support for two national conferences, the opportunity to present research at a national conference, a cash stip...

GrantWatch ID#: 171270

Award to a USA University or College Educator to Recognize Exceptional Contributions to Jour...

Deadline 07/15/20

Award of $500 to a USA university or college educator to recognize exceptional contributions to journalism education. This award program was designed to honor a higher education teacher that acts as an example for other educators through teaching excellence in the areas of journalism and mass communication history.

GrantWatch ID#: 161208

Grants to USA Educators for Professional Development in the Wake of COVID-19

Deadline 07/15/20

Grants of $2,000 and grants of $5,000 to USA eligible educators for professional development. The purpose of this program is to support teachers and education professionals in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Funding is intended to prepare teachers to meet the unique needs of students in the 2020-2021 schoo...

GrantWatch ID#: 189519

Grants to USA Educators to Address Student Needs in the Wake of COVID-19

Deadline 07/15/20

Grants of $2,000 and grants of $5,000 to USA eligible educators to address student needs in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grant funds may be used to purchase supplies, materials, technology, and equipment. Proposals should focus on supporting individuality and creativity in student learning, while clearl...

GrantWatch ID#: 189520

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Teacher for Outstanding English Language Education

Deadline 07/19/20

Award of $1,000 and additional benefits to a USA, Canada, or International teacher to recognize their hard work and commitment to the instruction of English as a second language. Applicants for the award will be evaluated according to their demonstrated ability to:

GrantWatch ID#: 172529

Grants to USA K-12 Teachers for Classroom Supplies that Encourage Creativity

Deadline 08/20/20

Grants in the form of a $250 gift card to USA K-12 teachers for classroom supplies that encourage creativity. Applicants will be judged on a sample lesson plan that shows creativity, originality, and potential impact. Funding is intended to award and encourage classroom creativity, which helps foster individuality, express...

GrantWatch ID#: 183709

Grants to USA K-8 Teachers for Agricultural Classroom Projects

Deadline 08/31/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA K-8 teachers to incorporate agricultural projects into the classroom curriculum. Funding is intended for projects including, but not limited to, setting up a compost system for the classroom, planting an educational garden, and creating worm bins. Projects must follow organic production and ha...

GrantWatch ID#: 152893

Grants to USA Educators for Classroom Projects Related to Air and Space Travel

Deadline 08/31/20

Grants of $500 to USA educators for classroom projects and lessons related to aviation. Eligible applicants are private, charter, and public school K-12 teachers, homeschooling cooperatives, and STEM coordinators. Grant funds may be used to defray the costs of transportation, field trips, materials, or to fund another type...

GrantWatch ID#: 172664

Awards to USA K-12 Educators for Advancing Japanese-American Relations

Deadline 09/15/20

Awards to USA teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade for commitment to advancing understanding and relations between Japan and America. Funding is intended to recognize the achievements of outstanding Japanese language teachers. Previous award recipients have had over 10 years of teaching experience and have been enga...

GrantWatch ID#: 149865

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Mathematician for Significant Contributions to Math...

Deadline 09/15/20

Award of $1,000 to a USA, Canada, or International mathematician or group of mathematicians to recognize significant contributions in math education. Nominations should include a description of the noteworthy contributions made by the nominee and evidence of the impact these contributions have made on the teaching and lear...

GrantWatch ID#: 160647

Grants to USA, Canada, and International K-12 Teachers to Enhance English Language Education

Deadline 09/19/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International K-12 English language arts teachers to support research projects that enhance the quality of education in the field. Proposals must address a specific question or problem to be studied and provide a clear timeline for execution.

GrantWatch ID#: 160645

Grants to USA Pre-K Teachers to Integrate Visual Arts in Educational Programming

Deadline 09/30/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA educators for projects that enhance educational programs through art. Funding is intended to provide students in grades Pre-K to 12 with increased learning opportunities, which can strengthen motor skills and concept training. Eligible uses of funds include the purchase of visual art supplies ...

GrantWatch ID#: 170095

Grants to USA K-5 Public and Private School Teachers for Creative Educational Programming

Deadline 10/01/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA K-5 teachers at public and nonprofit private schools for creative educational programming. Funding is intended to increase student success rates in science, technology, engineering, and math by introducing original project-based learning ideas.

GrantWatch ID#: 169676

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and International Scholars, IHE Teachers, and Graduate Students ...

Deadline 10/01/20

Fellowships of up to $2,000 to USA, Canada, and International independent scholars, college and university teachers, and graduate students for historical research. Funding is intended to alleviate costs incurred during a residency while exploring Kentucky's historical collections. Eligible uses of funds include travel and ...

GrantWatch ID#: 178950

Awards to Recognize USA K-12 Teachers for Excellence in Teaching Students about Civic Respons...

Deadline 10/31/20

Awards to recognize USA K-12 teachers to recognize excellence and dedication in teaching students topics related to civic responsibility. Eligible candidates are those that conduct activities that educate students about beliefs and values that are essential to democracy. One elementary school, middle school, and high schoo...

GrantWatch ID#: 179165

Grants to USA and Canada Researchers for Studies Focused on Issues Related to Human Services

Deadline 11/01/20

Grants of up to $20,000 to USA and Canada staff members at institutions of higher education and postdoctoral individuals associated with nonprofit organizations for research about a range of social, behavioral, public health, and psychological issues. Funding is intended to support research that focuses on the United State...

GrantWatch ID#: 179737

Awards to USA College English Teachers in Recognition of Outstanding Language Learning Progr...

Deadline 12/01/20

Awards of $500 to USA English teachers at two-year colleges to recognize and promote educational programs that improve language learning for students of diverse backgrounds and interests. The award program honors teachers for outstanding initiatives that help students achieve college, career, and personal goals.

GrantWatch ID#: 160628

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Undergraduate Educator in Computer Science or Engine...

Deadline 01/15/21

Award of $10,000 plus travel expenses to a USA, Canada, or International professor of computing education at an undergraduate IHE for excellence in teaching. Preference will be given to educators who have been teaching for ten years or less. Nominees will be evaluated based on meeting one or more of the following crite...

GrantWatch ID#: 165835

Fellowships to USA Scholars for Advanced Research

Deadline 04/14/21

Fellowships to USA individuals for extensive research projects. The fellowships are intended to support a range of projects and activities that display outstanding analytics and high-level writing skills. Applications must clearly express a project's value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Applications ar...

GrantWatch ID#: 151114

Grants to USA and Canada Low-Income Individuals and Families for Financial Assistance

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA and Canada individuals and families with low-income for financial assistance. Types of assistance include financial support to offset emergency expenses or to cover the cost of regular monthly bills. Funding is intended for workers and households that are bordering poverty-level.

GrantWatch ID#: 131400

Grants to USA Individuals for Pro-Israel Events on College and University Campuses

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA students, faculty, and campus professionals for campus-based initiatives and events that publicly support Israel. Special consideration will be given to projects that host multiple pro-Israel stakeholders on college and university campuses. Funded initiatives must generate media coverage on and beyond campus ...

GrantWatch ID#: 154228

Grants to USA Early Literacy Professionals for Conference Attendance

Deadline Ongoing

Grants of up to $200 to USA early literacy professionals working with students in grades K-3 to attend conferences. The goal of this program is to support and encourage efforts to improve early literacy. Funding may be requested to offset expenses incurred attending one either the International Reading Association or Readi...

GrantWatch ID#: 160167

In-Kind Book Donations to USA Title 1 Schools, Teachers, and After-School Programs with Low-...

Deadline Ongoing

In-kind book donations to USA Title 1 schools and Title 1 school teachers, as well as other schools and after-school programs with low-income students. Through this program, schools are awarded children's books and related educational resources that help get encourage underserved children across the country to read. Th...

GrantWatch ID#: 164344

Grants to USA Yoga Teachers for Yoga Programs to Benefit Underserved Populations

Deadline Ongoing

Grants of $500 to $1000 to USA certified yoga teachers for programs and projects that benefit underserved populations and increase access to yoga. Funding is intended to support service projects in the broader communities where teachers reside. Preference is given to teachers looking to expand or launch a yoga outreach pro...

GrantWatch ID#: 164429

Raise Money on for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Start-ups, Inventions, Veterans, ...

Deadline Ongoing

YouHelp is used to raise money while applying for grants. Start your campaign here: The 30-days ( 6 weeks) of free tips and templates provided for your crowdfunding strategy will empower you to utilize your "crowd", social media and email contacts to ask for contributions, and to ask contr...

GrantWatch ID#: 173609

Opportunity for USA Educators to Obtain Funding from Individuals to Support Classroom Projec...

Deadline Ongoing

Opportunity for USA full-time public and public charter school educators, including counselors, librarians, nurses, and therapists, to obtain funding for classroom projects that benefit students. Examples of learning opportunities include books, technology, and field trips. Funding is intended to improve public education b...

GrantWatch ID#: 183585

Grants to USA Teachers, Churches, and Civic Clubs for Classroom Projects and Community Activi...

Deadline Ongoing

Grants ranging from $100 to $2,500 for USA teachers, churches, and civic clubs for outstanding classroom projects and community initiatives. Funding for teachers is intended to promote worthwhile classroom projects that improve teachers' ability to teach and students' opportunity to learn, and for which funds may not be re...

GrantWatch ID#: 185137

In-kind Grants of Promotional Technology Items to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Education-Bas...

Deadline Ongoing

In-kind grants of technology items valued at $500 to USA nonprofits, schools, and education-related organizations. Every month, an eligible organization will receive branded technology products, such as powerbanks, USB flash drives, popsockets, and charging cables. The products will be fully customized to the organization'...

GrantWatch ID#: 186033

Grants to USA Art Teacher for Attendance at an Outdoors Painting Retreat

Deadline Ongoing

Matching grants to USA art teachers working in schools, arts organizations, or their own studio, to help cover the cost of attending a painting retreat. Funding is intended for attendance at Idaho-based Plein Air in the Parks retreats. For 2019, that is Craters of the Moon or Harriman State Park of Idaho.

GrantWatch ID#: 186045